Teacher Resource Manual with Lab Manual


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The Teacher Resource Manual with Lab Manual (TRM), includes the printed hard copy answer keys for all 20 chapters and 18 lab experiments of the ChemExplained.com course. Buy the TRM and get the Teacher Lab Manual for FREE! The TRM (with the Labs) contains 795 pages (398 sheets printed front and back) of the answer keys for all student Note sheets, Worksheets, Review sheets, Quizzes, Tests and Labs. In addition, all blank student Tests and Quizzes are found here in the Teacher Resource Manual. The manual comes cello-wrapped, three-hole punched and ready to be inserted into a Teacher’s 3-ring binder. FYI, these pages can also be printed directly off the ChemExplained website with a membership purchase. Save time, paper and printing costs at home with the purchase of a Teacher Resource Manual, which now includes all 18 Labs!

– The TRM with Lab Manual is non-refundable. Please allow 8-14 days for shipping.

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