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Chapter 1 Student Resources:

An Introduction to Chemistry

What is included in the Ch. 1 Free Trial?

  • 13 pages of student note sheets to download and fill in as the student watches and listens to the podcasts.
  • 4 student worksheets that relate to the video podcasts and help students learn the course material.
  • 8 teaching video podcasts that teach and explain chemistry so the student understands the material.
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  • Chapter 1 Teacher Resources

    An Introduction to Chemistry

    What is included?

  • Teacher answer keys to download for all student note sheets, worksheets, and the Chapter 1 test.
  • One video podcast to live stream and watch on your electronic device of Mr. Riz explaining the Chapter 1 test.
  • Go to Shop on the menu bar and select Free Chapter 1 Access.
  • where chemistry is taught, explained AND understood!
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