Student Resource Manual with Lab Manual


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To alleviate the printing of student Note sheets and Worksheets, purchase our Student Resource Manual (SRM*) with Student Lab Manual (SLM*). The SRMs are printed hard copies of the student Note sheets and Worksheets for all 20 chapters and 18 Labs in the ChemExplained course. The SRM contains ~472 pages (288 sheets printed front and back) of note sheets, worksheets, review sheets, chemistry charts and all 18 Lab experiments for student use. This colorful manual comes cello-wrapped, spiral-bound and ready to go. For the student continuing their education past high school, the SRM and SLMĀ  are a must! Numerous ChemExplained alumni have commented that when they referenced their ChemExplained SRM containing their chemistry notes, worksheets, review sheets and charts, it helped them succeed at the next academic level. Save time, paper and printing costs at home with the purchase of a Student Resource Manual with Student Lab Manual. We highly recommend this for our course but FYI, the manual’s pages can be downloaded and printed directly off the website with the purchase of our ChemExplained Entire Course membership.

Currently, if you purchase the Entire Course plus the SRM, we will send you a FREE Student Lab Manual (SLM) and give you a $60 discount using the coupon code: ANNIE

* The SRM and SLM are non-refundable. Please allow 8-14 days for shipping.

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