Student Resources Booklet


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The Student Resources booklet for the course includes hard copies of student note sheets and worksheets for all 20 chapters of the course. This booklet contains 285+ pages of note sheets, 120+ worksheets and 17 chemistry charts for student use. All 18 Lab activities and experiments are now included in the Student Resources.The booklet comes cello-wrapped, three-hole punched and ready to be inserted into a student's 3-ring binder. For the college bound student, the Student Resources booklet is a must. Numerous students have commented that when they referenced their notes, it has helped them succeed in chemistry at the next academic level. Save time, paper and printing costs at home with the purchase of Student Resources. Appropriate sales tax and shipping and handling charges will be added to your order.

20 Chapters of High School Chemistry

  • Ch.1 An Introduction to Chemistry
  • Ch.2 Data Analysis & Scientific Measurement
  • Ch.3 Properties & Changes of Matter
  • Ch.4 Atomic Structure & Nuclear Reactions
  • Ch.5 Electron Configuration in Atoms
  • Ch.6 Periodic Law & the Periodic Table
  • Ch.7 Chemical Formulas - Metals and Alloys
  • Ch.8 Lewis Structures of Covalent Compounds
  • Ch.9 Chemical Reactions & Equations
  • Ch.10 The Mole Concept
  • Ch.11 Stoichiometry - How Much?
  • Ch.12 States of Matter & the Kinetic Theory
  • Ch.13 Gas Laws & Stoichiometry
  • Ch.14 Solutions & Concentration
  • Ch.15 Thermochemistry & Enthalpy Change
  • Ch.16 Chemical Kinetics - Reaction Rates
  • Ch.17 Chemical Equilibrium & Solubility Equilibria
  • Ch.18 Acid & Base Calculations
  • Ch.19 Oxidation - Reduction Reactions
  • Ch.20 Electrochemistry & Cell Potential